Feedback From Tony Robbins Motivational Speech

01 /16 2020
Recently, motivational speaker Tony Robbins gave a speech at a conference where he discussed the importance of following your passion and finding your purpose in life. The audience was filled with over one thousand attendees where they were expected to be inspired by his powerful words.

Of course in recent times, there has been some controversy with his presentations and programs where people have even walked out. The seminar was led by some of the top speakers who are selling out events all over the world. During the event, there was a breakout session where we asked some of the attendees what they thought and there are some very mixed reviews.

Here is what they had to say:

What I don't like about Tony Robbins is that a lot of the times during his talks he is trying to sell you something. Not only is he making a pitch about a new seminar or book. He spends time trying to convince you that you need it. The thing is, is that it not only that it makes the presentation disjointed, it leaves the audience to believe that the information that is given at that time is not enough. For a lot of people they get driven to spend more thinking that the next seminar or book or whatever is going to hold the magic key that brings instant change in their lives. The fact is, is that anything that he has already said is enough to get you going down the right path.

A lot of people are making fun of Tony saying Lance Armstrong had won the Tour de France seven times because of his psychological strength, since later it turned out he was on steroids? But doesn't Tony's point still hold true, as almost all of his competitors used steroids as well? I'm mean it must have been something else differentiating him from the rest.

While certainly an elegant orator and gifted soothsayer this man is still the equivalent of a modern day "snake oil salesman" (albeit certainly a very high profile, wealthy and by our societies every definition of the term "successful" snake oil salesman, thanks to all those who pay to hear his "words") I would be very careful before "buying in" to what he is selling. Where is his evidence base for what he claims to be doing? Where is his research to demonstrate its actual effectiveness? Self-reported results and monetary wealth while convincing from the outside DO NOT qualify as valid evidence I'm afraid! I would be very cautious indeed before simply throwing one's precious time and hard earned money this man's way as a means of attaining one's desired results in life.

Anthony is a good person from inside too, although he does all this for money but once he steps on the podium he becomes a different man & he delivers always the best.god bless this gentleman.

I pretty much agree with most of the comments about this guy and his "cult following"--it's nothing more than emotional attachment. This guy's good at what he does because of his ability to clearly make references to things that the average Joe understands, as well as his dominant stage presence. I mean for crying out loud, the guy's like over six and a half feet tall! That along with his voice, just demands attention from his audiences. And dare I say that most of his audiences are probably emotionally vulnerable.

You are a strong speaker. Many good points. But I can't really say you brought anything to the table largely outside of common knowledge. Like Seinfeld for technology.

Many of us listen to people like Tony Robbins, we get pumped or enthused for a bit, and then we just let it all float away. We don't follow through and stay with it to accomplish a change. His advice and teachings are spot on, our follow through is sadly lacking. Otherwise our world would be a much better place. The 80/20 rule in action.

Everyone gets what they are looking for I think Tony gives us all so much we need to hear at the time we hear it what we do with this is the free will in action. take it act on it and see what happens..dont knock him for what ever his motivation is he is entitled to a living just like us all. he got off his butt to learn stuff that works for him. So what are you going to do that works for you. i love his work and love his thinking great video i have watched a number of times every time I get another message.


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